Hornsea Amateur
Radio Club
East Yorkshire England

Meetings are held every Wednesday starting at 8 p.m. with talks and videos with at least one activity night each month. Most talks are given by the members reflecting the wide range of interests in the Club.

HARC is affiliated to the RSGB and subscribes to the QRP club and local repeater groups. It can also boast that two former R.S.G.B. presidents were members of the Club, namely Joan G4CHH (SK) and Peter G4EJP (SK)

The Members Interests.

picture of members

The members interests include hf working including qrp, antenna design, home construction, fox hunts, fast scan television and slow scan television , microwaves, satellite working and computing, including digital techniques. .

The East Yorkshire Repeater Group (EYRG) many of whom are club members have designed and built ATV repeaters for 23cm-GB3EY and 3cm-GB3XY. They are responsible for these and also the voice repeaters GB3HS on 2m and GB7HU a D-Star repeater on 70cm. Further information can be obtained from the EYRG website.

picture of Outdoor Bowling club

The Club was formed in 1971. The three storey building, where we used to meet had been unoccupied for about nine years and was completely renovated by the hard work of club members. Unfortunately time moves on and we have had to vacate and are currently seeking new premises to call a home. In the meantime, the Club continues and future meetings will take place in the Outdoor Bowling club in Hornsea as shown in the picture.

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Where to find us


Follow road to Hornsea (B1242). Approximately 300 yards past the 30 MPH sign, turn in left. Pass the large Green building on your left. Follow the road through to the back of the carpark and you will see the Outside Bowls Club on the left.


Follow road to Atwick (B1242) and look out for the small Bowls club sign on your left, then turn in right in front of the large Green building on your right. Follow the road through to the back of the carpark and you will see the Outside Bowls Club on the left.

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