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A high quality 12V/60A power supply for under £10.
HP Proliant psu.

HP Proliant server psu's are a great way of getting a very high quality switchmode PSU For your shark.
Manufactured by Hewlett-Packardmy thay are of a very high quality, no interference on any band that I could detect.

To get hold of one simply search eBay for HP Proliant PSU.
The one I have is a "HP ProLiant 750W Platinum Plus PSU"

How to get your PSU working
There are 6 short leads on the exposed card slot and 2 large pads for a total of 8 pads.
Simply bridged the left farthest pad to the 4th pad to the right. Next soldered up some connectors on the large pads where left side is negative and the right side is positive.

For a more in-depth explanation watch the video below by Andreas Spiess HB9BL.
Remember you don't need to go as far as he has.